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Parent Resources

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  • Organization Tips

    • Get Organized 
      • Encourage the use of a planner or agenda
      • Get a 3-ring binder or color coded notebooks
      • Help your child clean out their binder and backpack weekly
      • Establish a study routine and be consistant. Have a designated place and time to study, review classwork, and complete homework each day 
    • Mastering BIG Projects
      • Encourage your child to start early
      • Break large tasks into smaller chunks
      • Ask for help when they need it

    Stay Connected

    • Check PowerSchool often to monitor your child’s progress.
    • Enroll in Canvas as an observer
    • Check Parent Square often
    • Check your child’s agenda/planner daily to make sure they are writing down assignments
    • E-mail or use Parent Square to communicate questions and concerns with your child’s teachers. 
    • Participate in Open House, Curriculum Night and Other School Events


    • Remember if your child has a device, they have a digital life. Be aware and monitor what’s happening on all of their devices. 

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